The Solution

This is Mining Management

We help you to increase your mining resources, rather than just tell you whether machines are “on”.

KMO-Fleet offers a manufacturer agnostic, scalable Fleet Information System that can be implemented across the whole of a mobile equipment fleet, including ancillary equipment. The solution is designed to work independently of GPS and connection to a complicated communication infrastructure making the system cost effective.

The KMO-Fleet system offers you:

  • Motion information: This allows us to calculate your Effective Utilisation and your equipment performance
  • Sources and destinations: We provide you tools that will focus your attention on targets.
  • Financial control: The KMO-Fleet system will drive down your mining cost, increasing your output by improving productivity and reducing your expenses by doing more with less.
  • Estimated tonnage metrics (based on volume and density).

Our system is specially designed for those who wish to avoid:

  • Expensive communication infrastructure installations
  • Technology maintenance costs

The system is designed to be fitted quickly without technical expertise, configured on site by non technical personnel and evolve when the operation changes.

KMO-Fleet Data Logger for mine sites

You just need this in your machine 

Do you have a block model?

You can integrate block model information into our system, helping to control ore grade and blending objetives.